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"Listening to Vision"
Opening Saturday,
April 4th from 1-3pm

View a sampling of paintings by 19th and early 20th century artists and works by local contemporary artists such as Tom Bacher, Paul Chidlaw, Mark Daly, Robert Herrmann, Beth Hertz, Jens Jensen, Kevin T. Kelly, Keith Klein, Wolfgang Ritschel, Arielle Sandler and Leslie Shiels.

Show continues through April 30th


"Journey of the Spirit: Landscapes by Kevin T. Kelly" & "Serigraphs by Leslie Shiels"
May 1st - May 30th

Estate of Jim Fleming
June 6th - July 3rd

Cincinnati Art Galleries' All-Star Art Invitational
July 11th - August 21st


Panorama of Cincinnati Art

Gallery Selections

Works On Paper

A Painter's Journey Recent Works by Mark Daly

Works by Wolfgang A. Ritschel

Brian Burt - My Head in the Clouds

The Collection of Les Mansfield

Leslie Shiels “Dizygotic”

Photography by J. Miles Wolf “Local Perspectives”

The Life and Travels of Wolfgang A. Ritschel

Mark Daly - The Musician’s Paintbrush

Collection of Mary and Ed Ryan

John Hauser - Straight White Shield